UN Women CFP: Small Grants for CSOs in Ethiopia

Deadline: 18-Jan-22

UN Women is offering small grants to support civil society organizations working on women’s participation in leadership and decision making at all levels under the “Strengthening institutional capacity of duty-bearers and empowering rights-holders for the advancement of gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE) in Ethiopia” project implemented by UN Women.

  • The main objective of the call for small grant is to strengthen the capacity of CSOs that work to promote women’s participation and leadership in governance and decision making positions. The grant is therefore expected to increase the resource and capacity of illegible CSOs to advance the rights of women to participate in public and political life and enable them to become agents of transformative change towards an equitable society.
  • Small Grants are intended exclusively to finance a limited range of eligible activities to support the development or strengthening of CSOs’ institutional capacities. UN Women Ethiopia Country Office (ECO) invites eligible applicants to submit Small Grants applications for the eligible activities, as elaborated in this advertisement. UN Women ECO will consider awarding several Small Grants based on available funds.
Funding Information
  • If the amount of the Small Grant is USD 10,000 or less, the Small Grantee shall submit a combined financial and progress report at the end of the Small Grant Agreement.
  • If the amount of the Small Grant is above USD 10,000USD, the Small Grantee shall submit a mid-term and a final combined financial and progress report.
Eligible Activities

The applicant may apply for a small grant to cover the following activities:

  • introducing and improving organizational systems, tools, and processes;
  • training of workforce in technical and managerial skills;
  • supporting with equipment such as copiers, scanners, printers, laptops and computers as long as the cost of such equipment is limited to 30% of the proposed small grant budget or USD 5,000, whichever is lower. The purpose of Small Grants is not to finance the delivery of a programmatic or project activity.
  • There is no geographical limitation regarding the location and base of operation of the applicant CSOs.
  • The implementation of the Small Grant must be completed within 8 months after signing the Small Grant Agreement for the purposes of this call.
  • The CSOs awarded with Small Grants will benefit from further capacity development support, experience sharing, networking, dialogue, solidarity and coalition building activities that are to be organized by UN Women.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The applicants must be a civil society organizations and women led Civil Society organizations legally established and operating in Ethiopia. To be considered for the small grant, the CSO must demonstrate that it works on women rights and gender equality in Ethiopia with a proven track record of working on the areas of women participation in public and political life including their participation in electoral processes.
  • The applicant may apply if it:
    • is a registered CSO in operation for at least three years;
    • is not on the Consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions List;
    • is not being investigated for fraud, corruption, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or other wrongdoing;
    • has not had funding received from UN Women entirely or partly written off by UN Women;
    • is not currently engaged as an Implementing Partner (IP) or Responsible Party (RP) for UN Women;
    • has not been engaged as an IP/RP for UN Women at any time after 21 November 2019;
    • is not a government entity;
    • is not a UN organization;
    • is not an established CSO with the capacity to be engaged as an IP/RP;
    • has sufficient capacity to collaborate with various stakeholders;
    • has sufficient financial stewardship, including having adequate financial policies and procedures in place to manage the small grant; and,
    • past performance has been deemed satisfactory by UN Women (if it has received small grants previously or been engaged as an IP/RP before 21 November 2019;).

For purpose of this advertisement, applicants are encouraged to demonstrate in their application their organizational approach to the principles of leaving no one behind and in addressing intersecting forms of vulnerabilities (young women, women with disabilities, rural women, migrant women, internally displaced women etc.)

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3mYprn0