The highest paying jobs in Nigeria (2022)

The number of job seekers in Nigeria is increasing every year. More and more students are graduating from university and polytechnics and other tertiary institutions that are on the lookout for well-paying jobs in Nigeria. In spite of the state of the Nigerian economy, there are many profitable job opportunities in several industries and sectors in Nigeria. This is a wide-ranging list of the highest paying in Nigeria.


Highest paying jobs in Nigeria

blow are the highest paying jobs in Nigeria

1. Petroleum Engineer

Nigeria is one of the largest oil producing countries in Nigeria. Due to the existence of large deposits of crude oil and natural gas in Nigeria, the services of petroleum engineers are highly sought after to manage mining operations. Therefore, petroleum engineering is one of the most financially rewarding jobs in Nigeria. As a petroleum engineer, you get to work with notable oil companies such as Shell, Conoil, Chevron and Total.

A petroleum engineer determines the most resourceful way to drill and extract oil and natural gas at an oil well. They manage drilling operations, resolve any operating problems, and can also stimulate an underperforming well. Petroleum engineers work in the field of exploration of crude oil and natural gas, which are products in high demand by Nigerians. This is why they are paid well. This is a job opportunity you might want to pursue. This one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

2. Accountant

Nigerian companies need to record business transactions which are why the services of an accountant are in high demand. An accountant is a certified financial professional who reports on company performance to management, and issues financial statements. An accountant is one of the key players in any business that he or she works for, whether it is a large firm or a small business. This is because of the importance of financial transactions to the growth of a business.

Accountants are qualified professionals who are trained in bookkeeping and in preparation, auditing and analysis of accounts. To work in Nigeria as an accountant, you have to procure an ICAN certification at the very least.

ICAN certifications are very tasking programs, but worth the effort. Accountants in Nigeria are paid really well, because they can work in any industry and their services are in high demand.

3. Software Programmer

With the immense surge in the use of technology in various industries in Nigeria, software programmers are readily hired and paid well. A software programmer is a skilled IT professional who codes, tests, debugs, and maintains computer programs that computer devices should follow to carry out their functions. Software programmer can refer to an expert in one area of computers, or to a generalist who writes code for many kinds of software.

They also solve any issues or problems that might arise when using computer devices. Due to the high demand for their services, software programmers are paid really well and work in different firms, banks or technology companies such as Andela.

4. Show Promoter

Entertainment in Nigeria is a booming industry and being a show promoter in Nigeria is a profitable job opportunity. Show promoters are very influential in the Nigerian entertainment industry and make a lot of money. These people are visionaries and executors.

A show promoter organizes music concerts, comedy shows, and other entertainment shows. Working as a show promoter is very demanding and stressful but worth the trouble.

A successful show pays a show promoter really well. The amounts of money a show promoter can earn largely depend on various factors such as;

  • The capacity of the venue booked
  • Show publicity and awareness
  • The popularity of the music or comedy acts they promote as entertainers for the show.

Working as a show promoter in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative job opportunities in Nigeria.

5. Salesperson

Every business needs a salesperson. A salesperson can work in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, automobiles, technology, clothing, skincare etc. A business that wants to make profit must hire a salesperson to increase the profitability of the business. Salespeople are paid really well in Nigerian firms.

7. Pilot

Pilots who fly airplanes in Nigeria earn very high salaries at airlines where they work. Due to the risk, technical knowhow and sheer amount of hard work associated with flying aero planes, pilots are well paid for their work. Working as a pilot in Nigeria is very demanding and tasking. Being a pilot is one of the most lucrative job opportunities in Nigeria.

7. Surgeon

Earning a degree as a medical practitioner is highly demanding. Passing exams at medical school is very tough. Training to become a surgeon is mentally draining, emotionally tasking and very stressful. Therefore, surgeons command very high salary at hospitals where they work. Depending on the specialty of the surgeon, the salary could even be higher. Working as a surgeon is very lucrative in Nigeria.

8. Pharmacist

Healthcare is a very lucrative industry to work in Nigeria. Nigerians are constantly in need of good healthcare services, and are willing to pay for it because their lives are involved. When people fall sick, they have to take medicine so they can get well. Pharmacists are medical practitioners who are trained and licensed to provide and make medicine for sick people.

9. Web Designer

Every company, firm or business in Nigeria needs a well designed and functioning website. Therefore, the services of web designers are in high demand. A web designer basically designs, sets up and maintains a website. You can work remotely or full time at several Nigerian firms. Web designing is a one of the most lucrative job opportunities in Nigeria.

10. Banker

It is no secret that bankers make a lot of money, and that banking jobs are very lucrative in Nigeria. Commercial and investment bankers are well paid professionals in the banking industry. As a banker, you can work in Zenith Bank, First Bank, Access Bank, Guaranteed Trust Bank, Polaris Bank among many others and earn high salaries.

There are many lucrative job opportunities in Nigeria. All you have to do is to find a job that fits your expertise and academic qualifications. There are several jobs in Nigeria that will suit your passions and specialty perfectly, and pay really well.

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