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$1M Roddenberry Prize for innovators around the world

Application is open for innovators around the world who have solutions to pressing world issues to partake in the Roddenberry Prize challenge to win $1 million.

The $1M Roddenberry Prize is a call for big, bold solutions from anyone, anywhere that address the challenges of an unpredictable and fast-changing global landscape. Four game-changing and innovative solutions will each receive $250,000 for their work in one of the following fields: Education, Science, Environment, and Humanity. We invite anyone — individuals, for-profits, teams, non-profits, and B-corps.


About the Roddenberry Prize

Launched in 2016, the $1M Roddenberry Prize is a global competition to crowdsource innovative solutions to issues that demand audacious, far-reaching, and scalable responses.

The Roddenberry Prize seeks to highlight extraordinary organizations and support their efforts towards greater impact; seek out creative approaches from diverse members of our global community; and inspire others to take innovative and creative approaches to global problems.

Four awards of $250,000 will be granted to organizations working in the areas of Education, Environment, Science, or Humanity. In addition to the four $250,000 awardees, up to five organizations in each field will be recognized publicly as Prize Finalists.

Criteria for the Prize are innovativeness, potential for impact, vision, and track record.


Prize award

Four innovators will each receive $250,000 making a total of $1 million. Awards will be announced in August 2020. The top organizations in each issue area that are not awarded a prize will be recognized publicly as Finalists.


Eligibility criteria

The Roddenberry Foundation welcomes Prize applications from individuals, non-profits, social enterprises, and B-corps who meet all of the following:

  • Individuals who are 18 years of age or older
  • Organizations or institutions with a budget of $10mil or less
  • Organizations whose primary focus of their work is either Education, Science, Environment, or Humanity
  • Submit an application in English
  • Include completed responses to all required application questions
  • Agree to all legal terms and conditions of the Prize grant program
  • Be able to legally receive grant funding


Prize Criteria

The Roddenberry Prize is looking for a well-thought-out plan with clear goals, specific metrics, and measurable impact. They are also looking for solutions that are:

  1. Innovative: Approaches or strategies that innovate on existing models — What makes this different from and better than other solutions? What are you building on?
  2. Impactful: Solutions that have potential for outsized, tangible impact — What will you achieve? Will it affect a significant percentage of people?
  3. Visionary: Solutions that are ambitious in terms of their potential for impact and growth — Is the scope of the vision “big and bold”?
  4. And where the applicant has a Track Record: Applicant has demonstrated success and achieved tangible impact in a relevant field — Can you point to achieving goals? Do you have a deep understanding of the issues?


How to Apply

If this is your first time of applying for the Roddenberry Prize, you need to register on the application website. From there you will be able to apply. If this is not your first time of applying, then simply go tothe application page and login.



The application deadline is April 10th, 2020


Competition website

You can visit the competition website at here

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