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Getty Images reportage grant for photojournalists 2019 ($15,000 prize )

Getty Images is one of the largest supplier of stock photo on the internet. The brand is very popular worldwide. As part of its commitment to excellence in photojournalism, they are inviting photojournalists from around the world to participate in the Getty Images reportage grant with a $15,000 prize.

Here is the official statement:

Our dedication to excellence in photojournalism means we understand that creating and managing in-depth photography assignments requires time, freedom, support and considerable resources. The Getty Images Reportage Grant continues the tradition of our Editorial Grants program, which, from its founding in 2004, has supported independent photojournalists around the world by providing the creative freedom necessary to pursue work that is personally important to them.

Getty Images reportage grant
A photo by former grantwinner Paula Bronstein, from her project “The Cost of War.”


Selection Criteria

Grants will be awarded by independent judges selected by Getty Images for their expertise and experience. Selection will be based on the judges’ determination of applicant’s ability to execute the submitted project with compelling a visual narrative in a documentary feature format, taking into account the caliber of portfolio, the project’s merit and professional ability.



  1. Summary of the project proposal (Min 300 words, Max 500)
  2. A short biography detailing who you are and what you’ve done
  3. 20-25 original images either related to the proposal or unrelated portfolio images
  4. The proposals must be in English and be submitted electronically


Prizes and benefits

  • $15,000 prize (three available)
  • Winners will be announced in September
  • Receive recognition in media coverage of grant winners
  • Assurance that you retain copyrights to the images you submit for judges’ review
  • Option to have Getty Images’ editorial guidance throughout your project

When will grant be received?

Grants will be funded soon after winners are publicly announced in September. This year, grant-winners will receive the full amount of the grant in one installment.



15, May, 2019


How to Apply for the Getty Images reportage grant

Follow these steps to apply for the Getty Images reportage grant:

1. Get your images ready

First step is to get all your images ready for submission and all your pitch

2. Visit program application page

Visit the Getty Images Reportage Grant application submission page read through the terms and create an account

3. Submit your application

Once you have created account, you should be able to access portal and upload all that is needed. Once done submit your application



The website for the Getty Images reportage grant is here

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