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Fully funded Google Africa Certification Scholarships 2019 (With grants)

With the fully funded Google Africa Certification Scholarships 2019, you can learn Mobile Web, Android and Google Cloud all for free. This is a good news to everyone who wants to have a career in the lucrative world of computer related fields.

Google says it is offering the scholarship to about 30 000 Africans. The goal is to empower Africans develop world class apps.

It is also important to note that 1,000 grants would also be offered for the Google Associate Android, Mobile Web and Associate Cloud Engineer certifications.

Building upon our pledge to provide mobile developer training to 100,000 Africans to develop world class apps, today we are pleased to announce the next round of Google Africa Certification Scholarships aimed at helping developers become certified on Google’s Android, Web, and Cloud technologies.

This year, we are offering 30,000 additional scholarship opportunities and 1,000 grants for the Google Associate Android DeveloperMobile Web Specialist, and Associate Cloud Engineer certifications. The scholarship program will be delivered by our partners, Pluralsight and Andela, through an intensive learning curriculum designed to prepare motivated learners for entry-level and intermediate roles as software developers. Interested students in Africa can learn more about the Google Africa Certifications Scholarships and apply here

According to World Bank, Africa is on track to have the largest working-age population (1.1 billion) by 2034. Today’s announcement marks a transition from inspiring new developers to preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow. Google’s developer certifications are performance-based. They are developed around a job-task analysis which test learners for skills that employers expect developers to have.

  • Access to expert-led videos, available on-demand with our mobile app and offline capabilities
  • Guided skill development with curated paths and channels according to your chosen track
  • Skill assessments that help you identify knowledge gaps and strengths, and allow you to share your proficiency on Facebook, Twitter and Stack Overflow
  • Support from the Pluralsight Help Center and the Andela Learning Community to help you complete your track and prepare for your chosen Google certification exam


The Google Africa Certification Scholarships 2019 is a big opportunity for every young person who wishes to excel in the IT world.

Official website

The official website where you can learn more about the program is at

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