FUKASHERE gets approval to run Part-Time undergraduate programmes — Latest

This is to inform the Vice-Chancellor that the Executive Secretary has considered and approved the establishment of the following part-time undergraduate degree programmes to be run in the Main Campus of the University only, effective from the 2021/2022 academic session

1. B.Sc. Accounting

2 B.Sc. Business Administration

3. B.Sc. Economics and Developmental Studies

4. B.A. English Language

5. B.A. Arabic

6. B.Sc. Computer Science

7. B.Sc. Political Science

8. B.Sc. Geography

9. B.Sc. Sociology

10. B.Sc. Ed. Agricultural Science

11. B.Sc.(Ed) Computer Science

12. B.A.B Ed. Administration and Planning

13. B. Ed. Guidance and Counselling

14. B.A. Ed. Arabic

15. B.A. Ed. English

The enrolment should not exceed 20% of the corresponding full-time enrolment of the programmes. The part-time programmes should be based on the resources available and the duration should be six (6) years

Please accept the assurance of the Executive Secretary’s best wishes.