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CERN Switzerland Jobs 2024 – Salary 5631 CHF Swiss Francs/Month

If you want to get paid with a monthly salary or stipend of up to CHF 5631 swiss francs then ‘Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire‘ also known as European council for nuclear research has recently open vacancies for fresh graduates, students, and experienced professionals to apply for their jobs, internships, and apprenticeship programs.

When this news came in my radar then i instantly verified it with my team and took no further time to write about it for all of my readers so that if you are looking for a job/internship then now you must also consider submitting your resume (CV) to CERN and in this article i will walk you through with how you can do it and which sort of positions are currently open at CERN in 2024.

So before i get you to read all recent job openings at CERN Geneva Switzerland i think you must first check if your country is part of CERN member state/country and if you are a citizen of CERN member country then i invite you to please read details of all recent job openings featured by me in this article:

1- CERN Administrative Student Internship program 2024-1

CERN Switzerland office in Geneva is actually looking to recruit university graduate (BS/MS enrolled) students for their 2-12 months contractual internship job position at CERN by offering a monthly salary of CHF 3407 whereas candidates are required to have English/French language proficiency.

So now if you are interested to know eligible subjects for CERN administrative student internship program then let me now give you the names of acceptable disciplines which are psychology, IT, engineering management, education, administrative subjects, law, accounting, HR, public relations, audit, audiovisuals, finance, secretarial work, and library. With that i think you should also know that you must submit your resume (CV) with job application for CERN administrative student internship program 2024 untill November 6, 2023.

2- CERN Jobs for Early Career University Graduates 2024

Now i must start by telling you that this CERN early career professional program for university graduates is basically one of their high paying job opportunities for which if you get selected then you will get paid around CHF 5631/month.

In order to stand eligible for submitting your job application for CERN early career professionals program you need to speak French or English language with an undergrad/MS degree from top university and need to submit your online application for CERN early career job before October 2, 2023.

3- CERN PhD Student programme 2024

I think this is a very important job position for all those who want to obtain a Phd degree while getting paid because this CERN doctoral student programme is actually offering CHF 3818/month stipend money for up to 3 years for all those who want to earn their PHD degree in fields of engineering, applied physics, or computing while conducting their research work at CERN.

So if you are interested to start your Phd in Geneva Switzerland under CERN scholarship program then your first task would be to select CERN research project as per your research interest and prior qualifications and then you will be required to submit your application for CERN dotoral student program before November 6, 2023.

4- CERN early career professionals Jobs – Tech subjects

CERN’s early career professional program for technical field specialists is designed to recruit technical diploma holders with English/French language proficiency whereas all those job applicants with BS/postgrad degrees are not eligible to apply for this job positions.

This CERN’s early career professional’s program is not a permanent job opportunity but would last for a contractual period of up to 3 years where you can expect a monthly salary of about CHF 4556 Swiss francs, with a comprehensive health insurance plan and a pension fund membership but for that you need to hurry up because its application deadline is October 2, 2023.

In case these 4 featured jobs of CERN do not have anything for you then i strongly suggest you to look at this CERN job board where you wil actually be able to find many other open job positions so that you can find a suitable career oppotunity to grab a chance to work in Switzerland in 2024.