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Scholarship can be a life saver for anyone struggling financially to meet their academic dreams. On this page you can find all the scholarship available in Nigeria and Abroad.

Whether you want to go for undergraduate or post graduate studies, there are different opportunities that you can tap into, to take the financial burden off you and put the focus on your academic.

Unfortunately, a lot of people drop out of school. Because of financial burden. If only they had the information of several scholarship available. From different sources – government, NGOs, international organisation and more, they would have meet their academic goals.

That is why we created this page, to help everyone find all the opportunities available.

Our responsibility

We will keep this page updated. With all the available scholarship locally and international.  Whether you are looking for undergraduate o post graduate opportunities, we will cover it all. This is our mission. And we intend to help you find that opportunity.

Your responsibility

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