4th Round of Bio-Bridge Initiative

Deadline: 1-Mar-22

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is now accepting proposals for the fourth round of technical and scientific cooperation demonstration projects under the Bio-Bridge Initiative (BBI).

As part of its mandate to catalyze and facilitate technical and scientific cooperation, the Bio-Bridge Initiative (BBI) currently provides seed funding to incubate projects and partnerships that promote exemplary approaches, particularly through South-South and triangular cooperation, to address biodiversity-related issues and challenges, and showcase good practices and lessons learned.

Focus Areas

The project proposals should address one of the following focal areas:

  • Biodiversity and climate change: how ecosystem and nature can deliver solutions contributing to adaptation to or mitigation of the impacts of climate change;
  • Biodiversity and heath: promoting integrated approaches, such as the One Health approach and the ecosystem approach, on interlinkages between biodiversity and health (including human, wildlife, crop, livestock, and ecosystem health) to address the common drivers of biodiversity loss;
  • Sustainable use of wild species and wildlife trade: addressing sustainable use and wildlife trade, including solutions to control and eliminate unsustainable, illegal and unsafe harvesting, trade and use of wild species;
  • Biodiversity-related technologies and innovations: providing and/or facilitating access to and transfer of technologies and innovations that are relevant to the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity or make use of genetic resources and do not cause harm to the environment, including by promoting the establishment of joint research programmes and joint ventures for their development.
Funding Information

Funding up to $20,000 is available.

Eligibility Criteria

The following institutions are eligible to apply for seed funding support:

  • Relevant governmental agencies, research and academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations in developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition;
  • Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities;

For proposals submitted by multiple Parties or organisations, one contact person shall be nominated for any future correspondence before official submission to BBI. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their CBD National Focal Points prior to submitting their proposals to avoid multiple proposals on the same topic from the same country and to promote stronger collaboration and alignment with national priorities.

It is anticipated that funding will be provided directly to the entities providing the service(s) required to effectively respond to the need(s) articulated in the proposal.

For more information, visit https://www.cbd.int/biobridge/projects